Productivity Cheats
There are only 24 hours in each day, and until someone
starts selling time turners on Amazon, that’s all we’re going to get. The good
news is that 24 hours translate into 1,440 minutes in each day. And a lot of
yours are going to waste.
From time soaking in the shower, to waiting for the toast to
pop, to commuting to work, chances are you actually have quite a few unused
minutes strewn throughout your day. If you could sweep up all those scattered
minutes into one big pile, you’d have a chunk of change you could do something
While Amazon may not be selling time turners (yet), there
are some handy dandy ways to use those minutes that are just lying about,
waiting for you to claim them.
Bluetooth headsets. This marvelous
invention allows you to set the phone down (or stick it in your back
pocket—just watch out for accidental toilet splashes!) and get things done
while you make those important calls. Plan the family get-together with
your sister while working out. Decide on your next corporate move while biking
through the mountains. The possibilities are endless!
Audiobooks. Similar to (and often in
conjunction with) Bluetooth headsets, audiobooks allow you to get through your
reading list while getting through your life. Have you been wishing you had
time to read the classics, find out what wisdom the bestselling guru is sharing, or
catch up with the book club reading? Audiobooks allow you to “read” while
soaking in the shower, picking out your clothes, and making your toast. I love
the Audible app, since you can get books for no more than $14 each (and often much less) and most libraries have audiobooks you can check out for free!

Toilet Time. Ahem. Yes. We’re talking about all those minutes you spend on the
throne. What do you do with them? I mean, other than the obvious. Are you
simply… flushing them away? I recommend grabbing your phone (out of your back
pocket before you de-robe and accidentally drop it in the toilet) and using this time to check email, catch up on
Facebook, and respond to text messages. I know you’re probably already doing
this, but since the average person spends 42 minutes per week on the toilet
(pregnant women much more), it’s worth deciding what to do with all that time.
The one thing I cannot recommend using this time for is phone calls. J
Driving Time.  Americans spend an average of 1,466 minutes
each month driving. That’s more than an entire day! Did you realize you have an
entire day each month that is, in many ways, available? At least for some
things. NOT FOR TEXTING. But consider the audiobooks I mentioned above, not to
mention audio language classes (want to learn Spanish? Arabic?), news broadcasts,
classical music, audio magazine subscriptions… the list goes on and on. An
entire day each month to spend on any audio source you choose.
Lists. I know. This is so old school. But
you’ll be surprised how grabbing a sheet of paper (really old school) and writing down the things you’d like to
accomplish today can help you find and use those scattered minutes. When you finish
one project and realize you have 15 minutes before your next meeting, grab your
list and look for something on it that you can knock out in the time you have!
I don’t know why paper is more effective than phone apps, but I swear it really

What are your favorite productivity boosters? I’m compiling
ideas for future posts and a possible book and would love your input! Please