There are so many things I’m happy about lately!

Family, Friends, Life, Bravery, Faith, Hope, Peace, Books, Music… And some I simply have to write about.

Spring! I know back in Virginia the trees and flowers are already in bloom- but here little green things are just beginning to poke out of the ground. Snow is melting, we can leave the house without coats and hats, I could (theoretically) wash the car and it might stay clean for more than 12 hours, and things we planted last fall are starting to grow! A whole winter of waiting- and… Surprise! Those dry papery bulbs and alive and well! I can’t wait for flowers. =)

Oreos! I know- not quite the same as spring, but hey! did you know it’s their 100th birthday? A whole century of chocolate sandwich cookies. When we’re at the grocery store, my kids know to steer my cart away from the Oreo aisle. If I manage to end up there anyway, they tell me to just keep walking. They know I’m happy about fitting into smaller jeans. But yesterday I announced a trip to the store just for Oreos. It’s a birthday! We have to celebrate, right? =)
Birds! This is related to spring, but it makes me so happy that it deserves its own entry. I

drove up the canyon the other day and a bald eagle flew low, right over my car. (Don’t worry, Lori. I stayed in my own lane.) When I go to my destination, there were two little birds, both bright blue, hopping from fence post to fence post, flirting and chirping. (Clearly twitterpated.)
And as I laid in bed yesterday enjoying that whole week-end being lazy thing, I heard dozens of birds chirping outside my window. My cat was
going crazy trying to get to them. I laid there and smile. Birds make me so happy. I think maybe I was Snow White in a previous life.
Lower Blood Pressure! Not quite as poetic as birds and springtime, but still- it makes me happy! I’ve always had really low blood pressure- so low that nurses who measured it regularly asked if I was about to faint. Maybe it’s because of all the stress in my life lately, but when I was waiting at the pharmacy the other day I stuck my arm in one of the cuffs they have just to pass the time. I wasn’t really paying attention till my daughter said, “Aren’t those numbers really high?” 167/117 WHAT??? I ran it again and got the same reading and then tried to figure out which alternate reality I’d fallen into. I began some furious research (no medical insurance) and started doing everything the Mayo Clinic and a couple of other reliable sites recommended. I switched to a lower sodium salt substitute, began religiously putting in 30 minutes of aerobic exercise a day, included 1 oz of dark chocolate each morning, drank at least one glass of hibiscus herbal tea each day, began practicing yoga nidra, and made a conscious effort to breathe deeply and relax. It’s been about a month and I’m back in the normal range most of the time now. Just getting my blood pressure back down was, in itself, a good stress reducer. =)
Peace. I’ve made a couple of hard decisions recently, but I didn’t rush into them. I consulted family and friends whose opinions I trust. I prayed and meditated on my choices, read books about my options, went to peaceful places without the stress of the world pressing on me and pondered my choices. I’ve moved forward on things I thought I might be to scared to take action on. But I was brave. I feel peaceful. And peace allows me to feel happy.

And finally… Light bulbs! Who knew they could make a person so happy? I mean, besides Edison? My garage has been new-moon black after sunset for quite some time. But yesterday a friend from church with a tall ladder came over and replaced my light bulbs! Oh happy day! Oh well-lit nights! No more wondering if we would fall into a bag of chicken feed after dark.
This is me singing:
“You… Light up my life! You give me hope– to carry… out the trash safely!”
Something like that.
It’s ok if you pretend you weren’t listening.
What things are you happy about today?