There are only 10 more days till the Hunger Games movie comes out!  Are you excited?

Around here, there has been a lot of rereading the Hunger Games books (including Catching Fire and Mockingjay), a lot of listening to Taylor Swift’s amazing song written for the movie, a lot of playing said song on the guitar, and much disappointment that we did not get tickets to the midnight opening.  At least on the part of the teens.  Secretly, I’m a little glad we can see it at a reasonable hour.  Not that I wouldn’t have gone– and loved it!– but sleep is good too.  =)

Perhaps in celebration of the Hunger Games, or maybe just for our good health, we have decided to try
One Month of No Junk Food.

I know it’s Lent right now, and although I’m not Catholic, I do think giving up something unhealthy for a month– and then using it in greater moderation afterwards– is a great idea.  In my own church we have Fast Sundays.  On the first Sunday of every month we are asked to fast for two meals and donate the money saved to the church to be used to feed the hungry, help victims of natural disasters, and others who are in need.  It’s an amazing and wonderful program where 100% of donations go to the needy.  I’ve also spent many years living in Muslim countries where they celebrate Ramadan.  It’s a month in their lunar calendar (this year from July 20 to August 20) when members are asked to fast while the sun is up and donate the money saved to feed the hungry.  Talk about self-control!  My no-junk-food month is a breeze compared to that!

In celebration of the Hunger Games movie release, people all around the United States and the world are sponsoring food drives!   Just click on the picture above to find out how you can help.  Or Google Hunger Games food drive in your area.  So many cities are participating I can’t list them all here.

In my own quest for a healthier family, I am pleased to say– we had a 2 hour break from our no-junk-food month to celebrate healthy friendships when an unexpected package arrived in the mail from our friends in Virginia with chocolate, Girl Scout cookies, homemade snicker-doodles and raspberry meringues!  How could we resist?  There a mug full of packets of herbal tea, a shirt for my youngest son, beautiful note cards, gift cards, and a painting of a tropical island- so I have someplace to go mentally when I’m falling apart.  Thank you!  A thousand times Thank You to my wonderful friends.  I don’t deserve people like you.  =)

I hope you enjoy the Hunger Games!  If you haven’t read the books, this would be a great time to start them.  If you have, this would be a great time for a refresher read– and for posting comments below about what you thought.  Did you like the books?  Are you excited for the movie?  How are you celebrating Lent?  And- will you make a donation to a food bank in celebration of the Hunger Games?